Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My third visit to Hoyt Arboretum this season... An Itinerary for Autumn in Portland 2013 at Washington Park!

Sunny Day Coffee Cart on 23rd NW!
What a gorgeous few weeks we've been having here in Portland.  I love it when it's sunny but I have to say, I've been expecting rain and gray skies so this is really a treat.  I've been volunteering at the Portland International Rose Test Garden for a about a month now and love taking the trek up to Washington Park especially in this sunshine!

Most of you know me well enough to know that I'm kind of a food lover so my treks usually involve food, coffee or a beer depending on the time of day of course.  Today I stopped at one of my favorite coffee stops on my way up the hill.  The Sunny Day Coffee Cart is a Nob Hill staple and found on 23rd NW.  Perfect location for my latte and this apple spice muffin before making the final walk up the hill to the rose garden.  Sunny Day opens at 9am and the coffee and baked goods are delicious!

There are still lots of rose as the Portland International Rose Test Garden!
There are still lots of roses in the rose garden and the views are amazing and filled with color!  Autumn is alive in Portland so I suggest you get out this week or weekend and enjoy it!  My volunteer job at the rose garden entails dead heading for the most part.  I do however answer questions and talk to a lot of folks visiting the Portland area about roses. A SoCal Master Gardner Certification comes in handy here even though this area of Oregon differs quite a bit from the drier SoCal climate.  Roses are roses and much the same everywhere with blooming seasons varying slightly depending on where you are.  I fill my bucket over and over again with roses that are spent and twigs and branches that need to be trimmed as well.  True therapy for me anyways, spending time at the rose garden is not only peaceful and beautiful, it's the perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea and a book, or a picnic or just a stroll through the gardens.

Hoyt Arboretum!
After the rose garden, Ray and I drove to the Hoyt Arboretum.  This was our third visit in the past few months and I was dying to see more Fall colors here.  There are tons of colors by the way and again, I suggest if you are going, you get up there this weekend. Many of the trees are already void of leaves and many are close behind.  With all the varieties of trees at the arboretum, you will surely see many trees in different stages of the seasons effects.  Piling through thick layers of oak leaves, parts of the trails are covered in crunch and color and we trekked through most of the Oak Trail which encompasses some of the Wildwood and Magnolia Trails and many gardens.  This arboretum is a great place for kiddos too!  I would suggest you take them on one of the shorter hikes depending on their age of course but a picnic lunch would be perfect. Pitching a blanket on a hill overlooking the valley with all the colors of Autumn in Portland sounds like a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

By the way, on Sunday, November 3rd, the arboretum is offering an Autumn Tour at noon and 3pm.  No reservations needed!  As always when hiking... be sure wear comfy shoes or hiking boots, bring a bottle of water, a snack and your camera.

Hoyt Arboretum!

Not sure what this is... found at Hoyt Arboretum!

Autumn at Hoyt!

Catching the sun at the rose garden!
What's really great about the Washington Park area where the Rose Garden and the arboretum is located, is that you can literally spend a good portion of a day exploring the whole entire area!  Finding history and monuments and statues as well as nature in one place is very cool.  Even better, there's a few play grounds and the zoo too if you are wanting to stretch the day even more.

Washington Park!
If you have had your hike, your history lessons and your tour of the gardens and arboretum, it might be time for ice cream!  Salt & Straw isn't too far away on 23rd NW and has lots of flavors of locally made ice creams as well as great little Autumn treats that go great with their coffee.

If you have time before heading out for ice cream, you can include more of the Washington Park activities.  The Portland Japanese Garden is colorful like crazy this time of year!  The Portland Children's Museum and the World Forestry Center Discovery Museum are great places to visit as well.  And... if you don't want to hike up to the park or drive, you can take the MAX all the way to the zoo and walk around from that location. Either way you go, the sights and experiences are great for everyone!

Looking for spooky in Portland this season?  Just take a walk but perhaps this would have been scarier closer to dusk which is happening very early these days.  Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend so get out and stay out while you can!


Halloween in Portland!

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My favorite time of year!
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