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Thanksgiving in Oregon 2013... what is there to do? A short itinerary for exploring near the Portland area!

A winery in the Hood River Valley near Sakura Ridge!
Once again another AskOR question via Travel Oregon for moi!  I love this time of year so anyone wanting to come see Oregon this season is in for a treat!  Thanksgiving weekend happens to be the weekend for thee biggest wine event in the Willamette Valley!!  So, book your trip to Portland, Oregon and stay here but day trip it out to the valley with your DD or Limo you've booked and enjoy the wine ride!

Our wineries are itching to celebrate over the Thanksgiving weekend cause harvest is over and they are pooped!  Not too pooped to pour however so have a great time at our OREGON BOUNTY WINE COUNTRY CELEBRATION!  And... if you are looking for more detailed info than what I have provided here, shoot me an email or leave a comment here and I'll give you my short list of my most favorite places in Oregon to visit!

Sweet Cheeks... the southern Willamette Valley near Eugene, OR!

"We're planning to go to Oregon during Thanksgiving for 4 days. What do you recommend to see / do at this time of the year?"

Porch seating at Sakura Ridge

Driveway to Sakura Ridge with Hood in the background!

I am an AskOR expert and happy to give some suggestions on where to go and what to do in Oregon in November!  You have picked a lovely time of year to visit us!  It's not quite winter and although the weather will be chilly, you can still enjoy some hiking if you are in to that.  It's my favorite time to hike as I love doing so in the cooler weather.

I am going to assume that you will be flying in to Portland and give you a four day itinerary of sorts from that area.  Depending on what you want to do will depend on how you use the itinerary and we can change it if I've suggested something that you aren't interested in if that works for you.

Thanksgiving weekend happens to be a big deal in wine country just south west of the Portland area.  Several days where our wineries are open and offer tastes of their bounty and since it's just after harvest time in our vineyards, everyone is very happy!  Here's a link to check out:  http://willamettewines.com/event/wine-country-thanksgiving/ 

Using Portland as a home base for your four day visit would be great however, I do enjoy our McMenamins facilities.  There are some right in Portland and a few just outside the city.  See this link for more locations and information:  http://www.mcmenamins.com  These facilities have events of their own going on all the time.  Concerts, movies where you can order pizza and beer along with popcorn and candy for the show.  I have enjoyed a stay at the Edgefield facility in Troutdale.  Not too far from the Portland area and the gorgeous Multnomah Falls:  http://whitebreadandjam.blogspot.com/2013/08/oneonta-falls-multnomah-falls-silver.html This is my most recent blog on the falls area off the Historic Columbia River Hwy which I suggest you take and be sure to go to the Vista House along this route:  http://www.columbiariverhighway.com

If you have time and want to visit Hood River, it's a bit further east off I 84.  Banked along the Columbia River, the city of Hood River and the Hood River Valley is a great place for seeing Mt. Hood, our majestic mountain.  If you choose to stay in this area even for one night, I would suggest Sakura Ridge:  http://sakuraridge.com  An organic farm filled with a woodsy charm and a delicious breakfast made with items grown on the farm.  Deanna is an awesome chef and you will not be disappointed!

So, to recap, I've taken you to wine country for the Thanksgiving Winery Celebration, to the Hood River area via Multnomah Falls area and Hood River.  Besides spending some time in the city of Portland, this is a great taste of what Oregon is about!  We have left out the coast but you could certainly take a day trip and head to Astoria:  http://traveloregon.com/?s=astoria&view=all  There's a lot of history and be sure to see the Astoria Column and the Maritime Museum along with a stop for lunch or dinner or just a beer at the Fort George Brewery in town.

I am happy to suggest more lodging ideas in the valley and the city of Portland.  Also happy to give you a short list of my favorite restaurants too!  Please let me know if we have started well here with this info and let me know if I can help you further.  I am happy to do so!

Thanks for your question!

Flora and Fauna at Sakura Ridge!

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