Tuesday, August 27, 2013

HOYT ARBORETUM... first in a series of three encompassing the changing foliage through Autumn!

Driving to the Hoyt Arboretum gives you just a taste of what you'll experience when you are actually there!

Before I ever moved to Oregon, I had a long list of places I was dying to see once I arrived.  I had made real lists on paper, mental lists in my head and bookmarked tons of websites that I would eventually read.  One of those places that made those lists was the Hoyt Arboretum.  I can't believe it took me over five years to get there but in my own defense, Oregon has kept my attention and kept me occupied with its beauty in many regions and areas during that time.

Located within the Portland city limits, the Hoyt Arboretum has 12 miles of trails to hike, almost 200 acres to cover, over 6000 different types of trees and plants from all over the world and they number over 1400 different species.  I hiked some of these trails a few days ago and I'm dying to go back already.  Autumn is almost here so I'm making this blog FIRST IN A SERIES OF THREE that will encompass the changes I encounter at the arboretum tracked by me in my dirt caked hiking boots and my trusty iPhone camera photographs.  If you're in the area in September, let me know.  You can come along.

Located in the Washington Park area and near the Wildwood Trail which I have trekked several times by the way, the arboretum is easily accessible by all groups and ages.  The hiking map which we picked up at the Visitor's Center was accurate and easy to use. The trail markers were clear and again easy to use.  Some of the trails are even accessible by wheel chairs and strollers.  Just like many trails here in Oregon and the Portland area, you can choose your hike.  From short and easy to long and steep, the Hoyt Arboretum trail system offers many choices.

I didn't have time to hike the entire twelve miles however, I have plans to eventually do that.  Next month I will be hiking again in the area and will be tracking signs of Autumn at the arboretum.  Most of you know by now that I love that time of year as it's pretty gorgeous here in all of Oregon in general.  So, me standing in the middle of twelve acres of trees and foliage that will most certainly change colors as the season unwinds, sounds like the perfect way to spend a September day in Portland!

Whether you come for the hike or just want to take a Fall picnic to the arboretum, there is much to see.  Views like the one pictured here are not uncommon.  Lunching near the Holly Loop, walking the Beech, Redwood or Oak trail or whatever you'd like to do, it's truly a great place to visit when you are in the Portland area.  You can add it to your list right next to Multnomah Falls and Oregon's wine country as places to visit on your next trip!

See you at the arboretum in September!



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My favorite time of year!

My favorite time of year!
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