Monday, July 8, 2013

Ned Ludd... Olympic Provisions... The Woodsman Tavern! Portland, Oregon... three restaurants, three meals and cocktails in two days!

I have been working on my list of places to dine in Portland for a while but it seems every time I check one off, I add several more.  So, you see, it's a good thing I'm making Portland my permanent home soon. August 1st is the date! Five and a half years after falling desperately in love with the "rose city," Portland will become my home and I will have more time to explore and enjoy all the good things Portland has to offer!

A few weekends ago, I sat outside in a patio at this awesome little restaurant called Ned Ludd.  I heard about it from an Instagram buddy and thought it was an interesting name for a place to eat.  The photos of the location and decor really caught my eye and so I added it to our weekend restaurant list and loved it! We got lucky and Teton Cider Works was also pairing their delicious pear cider with a "forbit" that consisted of bruschetta with beet greens, pickled beets, soft egg and blue cheese.  Not too sweet but crisp and refreshing, the cider certainly did pair nicely with our bruschetta. We also enjoyed some warm marinated left coast olives and a great little salad or "kaltbits" that included favas, zucchini, cucumber, yogurt, za'atar, pine nuts and sumac.  I highly recommend this place for dinner especially if you are impressed with an amazing list of libations to go with the interesting and delicious menu you'll have to choose from!

Ok, so Ned Ludd was our Friday evening choice for dining in Portland's east side.  I tend to migrate over the bridge a lot lately and this brings me to my next stop, Olympic Provisions on Washington St., SE.

I walked in to Olympic Provisions really not sure what to expect however, when I saw that huge lit "meat" sign on the wall, the chef's working away in the kitchen chopping and mixing and then the chef's at the counter where I was going to most definitely seat myself working away, I just had to smile. This is just the beginning because when I was looking at the cocktail list, I practically jumped out of my seat when I saw the "Days of Our Lives" containing manzanilla sherry, cocchi Americano, rye, maraschino, peach bitters and up!  Yeah... I watch that soap and it's only because I have done so since its inception when I was four years old.  Who doesn't want to know what John and Marlena are up to these days.

For us, Olympic Provisions was just the beginning so we treaded lightly and enjoyed our cocktails and cherries, basil, chèvre and toasted bread!  You can see the photo up there and yes... it was as delicious as it looks!

Moving on to "dinner," we headed to The Woodsman Tavern on SE Division. Again... I was mesmerized by the menu, the seats at the bar right in front of the tender and what an awesome show!  Cocktail after cocktail was being created and we had a blast watching the shaking and mixing from the bar stool.  Pictured above, the domestic ham plate with Benton's ham from Madisonville, TN, sweet butter, baguette and collard greens.  This plate exited the kitchen a lot over the hour or so we were there so we're pretty sure it was a popular dish.  I enjoyed the deviled eggs and a lovely salad with grilled baby gems, mint, sherry vinaigrette and Parmesan.  Oh and by the way, I had my very first Tom Collins and I'm quite sure this is the best place in Portland to get one!

I will admit this was probably my most amazing "foodie" adventure in Portland yet!  My list is still long and I am planning on spending a lot of time checking off new places and I'm looking forward to sharing them here!  If you have a restaurant or a great place that you love in the Portland area you'd love to share with me, leave the name in the "comment" section below.  Also, if you have a place you want me to check out for you, I'd be happy to do so. Anything for the sake of spreading the word about where to find the most delicious food in the PNW!

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