Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Castle for this Queen... Kassel, Germany!

What a glorious day we had yesterday!  We walked miles and miles... no exaggerating here, up to the Hercules statue.  Someone counted over 500 steps and that did not include a mile or more of just plain trails we hiked.  The place was called, Bergpark Wilhelmshohe.  It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places I've been to so far in Germany.

This park is totally landscaped and climbs up a slope to lay claim to being the largest mountain park in Europe.  And, over 150 years ago, this park and it's palaces were summer homes to kings and emperors.  Stunning views from above but as usual, I love the roads getting there even more.

Winding lanes with mossy trees lining each dirt path or road that led to our last castle took my breath away.  Reminiscent of our time in England almost one year ago, I was taken back as I could see the kings riding through the fields in front of me with men and horses flanking each of the sides.  The horses steady with sweat and mist rising from their worked bodies carrying royalty home after whatever adventure a king would behold.  Back to reality and absorbing our surroundings, what a gorgeous place.

I posted the photo of the castle doors above to Pinterest last night and not surprisingly there were many "likes" and "repins!"  That always makes me feel good of course but to know that I am not the only female to dream because each of us wants to be a princess waiting for our prince or in my case... I just wanna be the Queen!  But, truly... there's a little romance in each of us that enjoys that winding tree lined lane that leads to our castle in hopes that our king is there to greet us just beyond the opening of these castle doors!

A girl can dream!

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  1. How exciting that you are in Germany. I am totally envious. I spent a year there when I was in the Navy (76) and its the one place in the world I want to go back to.

    Are you going to get a cuckoo clock? I love the German clocks. Did you see the big clock plaza in Munich? I can't remember what it is called now - memory fades - but it was several stories high and had all sorts of little figures that came out and did their thing when the clock struck the hours and in between.

    You don't know me - but I am hoping at some point to talk to you about your B&B. I have never been to one and since you are in Albany - I would really like to.