Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Brownsville, Oregon Author Tina Boscha..."River In The Sea"

 It's amazing what can happen when a few people log in to Facebook at the same time.  You meet folks you probably would have never met otherwise.  

A few miles south east of where I live, the sweet town of Brownsville sits nestled amongst historic buildings, darling homes and a history worthy of bragging rights.  That's where the author Tina Boscha lives.  I was introduced to Tina by my friend Linda and within a few days, Tina was set to come and join us as we began our new book club season.  

Small towns in Oregon are often similar in that they hold so much history, a plethora of vintage buildings and homes and a few interesting characters that truly make it fun.  However, Brownsville seems to draw a little more than the average small Oregon town when it comes to interesting folks.  Artists, authors, and other amazing talent fill the small town of Brownsville and we love it when all that talent spills in to where we live.  Tina Boscha, teacher, author, wife, mother, pet lover and the daughter of the woman her first published book is based on, was the guest at our book club meeting at the inn Tuesday evening.  River in the Sea, set in the Netherlands during WWII, captures the essence of suffering, the sacredness of family, the excitement of a first love, the hardship of sacrifice and the seemingly unending saga of coming of age.  The character Tina's book is based on is a 15 year old girl named Leen and in my opinion a story worthy of becoming High School required reading. 

River in the Sea is probably one of the most descriptive books I have read and although most of us have not had to endure what the main character had to go through, we can surely relate to being young and unsure of what the future holds.  Truly a book for all ages.  A book and story a mother and daughter can read together. A piece of historical fiction based on real life and real lives that I will probably not easily forget about for a very long time.

Thank you Tina for joining us and thank you for the story.

you can purchase Tina's book on Amazon!

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